OD Consulting

Innovise Business Consulting Services (IBCS) assist you to create a bigger, better and stronger organization via our innovative Organization Development tools, solutions and services.

Performance Management System(PMS)

Performance Management Systems (PMS) is an organizational architecture that brings together work, people, technology and information in a manner that optimizes the congruence or fit among them. HPWS is a specific combination of HR practices, work structures, and processes that maximizes employee knowledge, skill, commitment, flexibility and contribution.

Employee Satisfaction Data (ESD)

Employee Satisfaction Data (ESD) is designed to holistically measure satisfaction levels across organization. It strategically measure both Affective and cognitive satisfaction levels to present you with an in-depth understanding of organizational picture.

Affective satisfaction is emotional in nature, often occurring through interpersonal relationships, recognition and reward systems, and opportunities for creativity and self-expression at work, and more. Cognitive satisfaction relates to intellectual stimulation and challenge, compensation and benefits, working hours, working environment, and more.

Our ESD mechanism integrates all crucial aspects of survey delivery and analysis mechanism and assures absolute anonymity, detailed cross tab based reports that can be drilled down to departments and crucial questions including perception of Senior Management, Interpersonal Relations, Compensation, Communication, Mentoring, Strategic Leadership and Heath of team.

Innovise ESD has been designed by OD consultants with numerous years of organizational and interpersonal behaviour analysis experience and can be deployed as an online tool or a pen and paper based survey.

Employee Engagement (EED)

IBCS Employee Engagement Data provides you with actionable analysis. Rather than just indicating whether your employees are engaged are not, our survey will delve into the detail to let you understand what is driving the engagement and motivation in your organization.

Measure and increase workforce motivation, morale, and commitment by ensuring that individuals understand company's strategy, and how their work contributes to the company's success. This data comes with actionable analysis that can help employees obtain sense of purpose and direction will make them feel more involved and motivated.

Our Engagement Solutions have been designed by consultants with numerous years of employee engagement experience encompassing various market and industry verticals. Whether you are planning to measure engagement levels in an IT organization or a manufacturing set up, IBCS can help you immensely.

Organisation Environment Record

This Record assists you to measure and identify opportunities for workplace improvement by focusing on a wide gamut of work place dimensions including Role-Clarity, Employee / Management Relations, Respect, Communication, Performance / Reward Systems, Career Development, Decision-Making / Coordination, Innovation, Relationships, Teamwork / Support, Quality of Service, Conflict Management, Morale Strategy and direction.

Our Record design will analysis identifies areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to facilitate management in the creation of greater workplace harmony and, therefore, increased productivity. Our report focuses on actionable analysis and conclusions drawn from the data, to help you prepare for a better tomorrow.

Statutory Compliance


We have a dedicated team of professionals offers Payroll Compliance management as a separate module.



Processing of data

Coordination with government departments and authorities

Maintenance of registers and records as per statutory norms

Filing of returns along with due payment and consulting

Value Proposition

To reduce overheads by manpower and travel

To enhance resources for core revenue generation.